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find your answers (FAQ)

Here’s where you’ll find answers to (hopefully) all of the questions you might have regarding size, fit, payments and delivering.
If your question goes above and beyond what’s written here, please feel free to fill in this contact form. We’re always happy to help!


When can I expect to receive my order? 

When a product is in stock, we send the order within 1 working day.

When we develop a new product or size, you can already (pre-)order this product in an early stage. The estimated delivery time is in that case 4-6 weeks.  

If I order a bra that is currently out of stock, how long will delivery take?  When a product is out of stock, the estimated delivery time is 4-6 weeks.  

Do my orders include delivery costs?  

In The Netherlands, we have a free shipping on all orders above €100. Having two of your favorite bra's comes in handy when one is in the laundry ;-)

Outside of The  Netherlands we currently only deliver within the European Union. Delivery within the EU costs €5,50 for Eurozone 1 and 12,50 for Eurozone 2 per package. You can find more information about the Eurozones at Shipping. We hope you understand that as a small start up, we can't cover return costs. Returns will be at your own expense.


Can I exchange or return Soft Revolt products? 

Yes, of course you can, as long as you do so within 14 days of receipt. Please note that we  do not accept used returns. We want to receive the products back in the same condition you received them. So please no make-up stains, deodorant, sweat, washing detergent or the like from a hygienic point of view.   

Exchange: we are happy to help you find the right size. That's why exchanging a bralette for a different size is free. You will receive a shipping label from us and we will send the new size free of charge.

Return: Please note! Soft Revolt does not cover the costs of returns. Sorry. Hope you understand that we are a startup. All reimbursements are made only after returned products have been inspected and approved. 

To exchange or return an item, please click here. Fill in your order number and download a return label.  


Where can I find information about all your products?  

Every Soft Revolt product comes with detailed ‘product specifications’. If you can’t find the  information you’re looking for there, then please drop us an email or contact us via our  website.  

How do I care for my Soft Revolt products?


We recommend you first wear your bra for a maximum of 2 to 3 days in a row before  washing. It is important to regularly wash your bra to prevent as skin oils can negatively impact the bra’s stretch. Regular washing extends the life of your bra. All Soft Revolt  products are washing machine friendly, but please always use a short delicate wash  program at low temperature (never hotter than 30°). Lower temperature is better for our  bras and the environment. Do not tumble dry, as it could damage the bra’s elastane,  which would be a real shame. Besides, air-drying uses less energy.  


Please choose a short delicate wash program at low temperature (never hotter than 30°). This is better for both your kimono and the environment. Do not tumble dry, as it could  damage your kimono’s elastane, and no one wants that. As with our bras, air-drying your  kimono is best and uses the least amount of energy. And because your kimono is made  with wrinkle-free fabric, it doesn’t require ironing. Yeah!  


What’s my Soft Revolt bra size?  

You’ll find the Soft Revolt Size Guide table on all our products as well as on our website,  making it easy for you to translate your traditional bra size into your Soft Revolt size. When in doubt, please drop us an email or contact us via our website. Our expert fitters are on  call to offer advice and make sure you always enjoy the perfect fit.  

How do I measure my bra size?  

It is very important that you measure yourself before ordering a Soft Revolt bra. We want to make it really easy for you to elevate your comfort experience. You can get started by checking our size guide here. Or have a look at our instruction film right here. It’s not difficult and you can do it yourself at home. Still not sure of your size? Our fit experts are here to help! You can schedule an online fitting with one of our fit experts here.

Is it possible for Soft Revolt to measure my bra size for me?  

If you live in or around Amsterdam, you are always welcome to visit our office on the Gaasterlandstraat 3-5. Please mail us in advance so we can make sure a fitter is available to  help you. If you can’t make it to Amsterdam, it is possible to schedule an online fitting here.  

How is it possible that one Soft Revolt size fits different torso and cup sizes?

Soft Revolt bras are knitted as a single piece using a polyamide and elastane, both comfortable and stretchable fabrics. Used in combination with our innovative stitching  and seamless knits – did we mention there are no wires?! – means that we can reduce the  ridiculous large number of traditional bra sizes from 40 to just 10. Which is to say a single  Soft Revolt size can be used by women with similar torso and cup sizes. If you’re still in  doubt, drop us an email and let us convince you how much better or sizing system is than  traditional bras.  


These credit cards and bank payments are currently accepted.  

Currently, you can pay with iDEAL or with the following credit cards: MasterCard, Maestro,  AMEX and VISA.


We have an order processing time of 1-2 working days before sending out your package. Shipping to:

The Netherlands:

€4,25. Free for all orders above €100. 

Europe Zone 1:

€5,50. Belgium, Germany, Austria, Czechia, Denmark, Hungary, Luxembourg, Poland. Free for all orders above €150. Delivery time 2-6 working days. 

Rest of Europe:

€12,50. Free for all orders above €150. Delivery time: 4-7 workings days.

We ship from The Netherlands. Import duties may apply depending on your country. These additional costs are for the buyer.